Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes it's easy to miss the obvious...

I was hunting this morning, I hunt most mornings during deer season, even if only for an hour.  I've seen plenty of deer this year but have not harvested any game yet.  It's not always about taking a shot.  I love the time in the woods, God's creation, the time to think and pray.  From my tree stand I can usually see deer coming from quite a ways off, I pride myself in knowing what to look for, a horizontal line in a forest of vertical, a flicker of white, the slightest movement.  I love being able to watch the deer without them ever knowing I'm there.

After the sun had been up for a while I decided to study a sandy spot just beneath my stand.  Tracks there will give a good indication as to the number, size and direction of the deer.  It had rained pretty good the day before so I knew any tracks would be fresh.  After taking a careful 360 degree look all around to make sure there wasn't anything coming, I turned my attention on the sandy area.  I couldn't see anything with the my naked eye so I decided to take a closer look using some binoculars.  As I studied the dirt just 15 yards away I was shocked to see a leg step into my field of view!  I slowly lowered the binoculars and sure enough there was a BIG doe and a yearling not 10 yards away from my tree.  How did that happen?

Sometimes the obvious can sneak up on us...or we can miss something altogether because we are to focused on something else.

I wonder if that is how Israel missed the Messiah they had been looking for.  Did tunnel vision and a preconceived notion of what He SHOULD look like blind them to his presence?  And before we get all high and mighty and imagine that we would never ever make the same mistake, is it possible we miss God sometimes for the same reason?  Check back to discover what God is teaching me about watching for him.

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