Thursday, August 18, 2011

And now for something different...

Just a momentary break from the serious stuff for a minute.

Rick Santorum finished 4th in the Iowa straw poll on Saturday behind Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty and then had this to say, "I feel we're positioned EXACTLY (emphasis added) were we want to be."

Now there is a lot I like about the guy.  I haven't decided who I am going to vote for yet, though I am sure it will NOT be Obama, but I was considering Santorum along with the other runners...until now.

Seriously, being FOURTH is "exactly" were you want to be?  You didn't mean it's "acceptable" or "o.k." or "we'll live with it" or "we can do better" or "we're still in it"?  Do you get the picture?  Fourth is EXACTLY were he wants to be.  I'm sorry but I need a candidate with a better strategy than that. Because come November 2012, fourth is third loser, 4th doesn't pay at the track, there is no medal for fourth in the olympics.  Fourth means there were TWO losers who did BETTER than you.

I would even be disappointed to here Michele Bachmann, after getting 30 something percent of the vote say this is EXACTLY were we want to be at.  I would hope that 100% of the vote is EXACTLY were you want to be at.  That may be impossible or improbable, but it would be accurate.  Being EXACTLY someplace, ANYPLACE, means no where left to go, no room for improvement.

So, I've written Santorum off, sorry Rick.  I will be looking for the candidate who will be satisfied with nothing less than first place through the primary season and nothing short of the White House come November 2012.  Otherwise, we as Americans better get used to saying of our countries economy, strength, military might, and general overall standing in the world, "Fourth is exactly were we wanted to be...because from here fifth is very achievable."

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  1. I guess that might depend on your perspective. There's still a long way to go in this race. If you are at the top at this point, remember everybody is gunning for you and there is nowhere to go but down. If you've ever watched Nascar, there is a move called drafting where a racer pulls up behind the car in front of him, keeps up with it and passes it at the opportune time with less effort than it took the car in front to stay ahead. If you are the one behind, you may get the chance, if you play your cards right, at the opportune moment to pass the person in front of you before that person can do anything about it, including passing you again - if you know what you are doing and can take advantage of the opportunity when it comes.