Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well this just ticks me off!

Fox news is reporting that first responders, fireman, policeman, paramedics and rescue teams have NOT been invited to the Ground Zero 9/11 10th anniversary ceremony.  Ironic that so many died there that day running into what was almost certain death would not be invited.  Maybe Mayor Bloomberg didn't invite them because he didn't think there were any left alive...though I doubt it.

THEN, as if to throw gas on the fire, Bloomberg has decided that there is no place for religion during the ceremonies and thus no clergy have been invited. WHAT!  Apparently there is room for a mosque at ground zero, A MOSQUE, a house of worship for those whose religion incites hatred toward ALL non muslims...but no room for clergy at the ceremony.  Well, at least no room for living ones, most will remember the picture of FDNY Chaplain Mychal Judge being carried from the rubble, his lifeless body gently borne by fellow fire fighters.  I guess the Mayor does not want people to remember that Christians were there ministering with love and compassion where muslims fueled by the Qur'an's hatred had just made so many widows, widowers and orphans.

It just doesn't get any STUPIDER than this.  I promise to get back to the "Holy Rehearsals" tomorrow, but I just needed to blow off some steam.

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