Tuesday, August 9, 2011

File this under stupid...

Fox News is reporting on a guy who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and Medicaid is refusing him coverage...because he is a male.  HUH!?!  Apparently it is Medicaid's position that because he is male his breasts are not susceptible to cancer.  It will probably take a woman getting testicular cancer before they wise up and cover a breast NO MATTER WHO IT IS ON!

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  1. I also find it ironic that we are soon to have no choice in the matter of having insurance, only to be at the will of the insurance companies to decide if they actually want to pay(or partially pay) for whatever ailment we have. Just like car insurance: we can go a lifetime without one accident that is our fault, but in the case of medical care-if we have a ailment, cancer, or condition that causes us to become sick, we are at the will of the medical coverage policy of that specific insurance coverage to receive or be neglected for care. Insurance companies are one of the most upside down billion-dollar thieves in this country.