Monday, August 29, 2011

A tale of two pictures...

Two pictures from Face Book over the last couple of days.  One a picture of some shoreline (on the left) with a terrible storm (on the right) rolling in.  The second, a single sentry guarding the Tomb of the Unknown.

The tale of the first.  Saw this one a bunch of times, it seemed to pop up everywhere.  At least one version said it was hurricane Irene preparing to come ashore in North Carolina and gives credit to WILX News.  There is just soooo much wrong here.  1. WILX is in Lansing Michigan, I know that cause I used to live there and I googled it.  Now that does not mean the picture is not theirs, but it starts to raise doubt.  2.  That is NOT North Carolina.  I did a little research and saw it listed as Pensacola, Florida.  Googled images for "pensacola beach" and got this website:   It is the same shoreline from the "North Carolina" Irene photo.  3.  I am not a meteorologist, but even I know that is no hurricane.  There is no rotation and hurricanes are ALL about rotation.  That is a sharply defined front more closely associated with a thunderstorm.  And that apparently is a shelf cloud...NOT associated with hurricanes.  I am just an idiot, but even I knew this was a fake, so why did it get so much mileage.

The tale of the second.  An unnamed (and he probably wants it that way) soldier of the Old Guard, assigned to the Tomb of the Unknown, guarding the unidentified remains, of soldiers long since dead, in the midst of a terrible storm (Irene or otherwise), against the possibility of...who knows what, with a rifle that will take several hours to dry and clean and a uniform that will require days of attention after being soaked........seen on only a few pages thus far.

Just two questions.  Why the disparity in reposting thus far?  Where do such men come from?

Enough said.

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