Monday, August 8, 2011

Imagine this for a moment...

You hire a servant, for $10 a month.  Out of that $10 he/she is supposed to take care of certain necessities around the house and keep a little for themselves to live on.  At the end of the 1st month they point out to you that they have spent the $10 and obligated you to an additional $5.  Home security, green energy and their wages were all a bit more than anticipated.  You make a $100 a month, the house is secure, the lights on and they seem to be doing a good job so you give them $15, you still have $85, that seems fair and sufficient.  Halfway thru the 2nd month your hired servant tells you they are gonna need a total of $20 for the month.  You're not real keen on this because there are some things missing from the house, the lights flicker...and they, the servant, are getting kinda arrogant.  Two days into month 3 you are informed that costs have doubled for feeding the people from across the street who visit your home to look at what's left of YOUR stuff.  Green energy is so wonderful it requires you to underwrite it's further development so that energy companies don't have to spend their profits and the servant has increased their own salary AND retirement package.  You start month 4 by giving your servant $30, you have figured out how this works. While you have never been bothered by the neighborhood across town, they now own the mortgage on your home, the folks across the street have robbed you blind while you have fed them, you are spending a lot on candles and your servant is now ALLOWING you to keep almost half of what you earn.........It's time to get a new servant.

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